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Running an office building brings many important responsibilities. One of the most important is proper security management. Office building security is necessary in order to keep employees and their belongings safe. Corporate security services will greatly reduce, if not stopped, vehicle break-ins and automotive theft. Vigilant Security’s guard services will provide expert protection for your office building. Our security officers will keep your office building free from vandalism and break-ins,and maintain employee and vehicle safety.
Office buildings are prime targets for vandalism and break-ins. Businesses with offices in an office building are subject to computer equipment theft, while vandalism is always a problem that must be dealt with. Vigilant Security provides professional office building security management to make sure your building is not the next to be burglarized.

Reception Security is a specialty of Vigilant Security Services Ltd. As one of the most experienced teams in the security industry it is our proud boast that we provide the best possible Security Service to every one of our clients whatever their requirements.

Front of house security for your office building is a perfect example of the sort of varied and comprehensive Site Security service we provide. What do you require from your Reception? Read More

  • Access control, carried out with courtesy and firmness by your Security Guard.
  • A visible security presence.
  • A warm welcome for bona fide visitors from your Security Guard
  • Information to visitors.
  • Efficiency in bringing together visitors and those whom they’ve come to see.
  • A smart Security Guard to enhance your corporate image
  • Good communication skills.

At the same time, our security officers will guard against vehicle break-ins and personal attacks. Vehicles sitting in an unattended parking lot are subject to theft, and employees walking to their cars on a dark evening can be attacked and mugged. Having a visible security officer presence will make sure that your office building is safe, and keep employees feeling secure and protected.
In addition to these services, our in–office security can help maintain the highest level of security within your company. Vigilant Security officers professionally handle protecting sensitive data, whether it is private client information, or confidential corporate documents. Vigilant ensures employee and data safety with expert visitor control and employee control. Vigilant Security Services will keep your office safe, while keeping sensitive data fully secure.

Our corporate security services are geared toward ensuring that your office building will not be a target to thieves and vandals. Businesses will feel safe in knowing that their expensive equipment will not be stolen overnight. Their employees will feel the safety and security of being able to leave work late in the evening and not fear an attack as they walk to their vehicles. Security officers from Vigilant Security will keep your office building safe.

Access control may be carried out as a separate function to that carried out by reception staff or the roles may be combined. Either way this is where your company makes its first impression on every visitor.

Make sure it’s the right impression with a smartly uniformed Vigilant Security Services SIA Licensed Security Guard or Security Officer and fulfill all those other functions at the same time.

Remember Vigilant Security Services is an ISO 9001 Accredited Company as well as being an SIA Approved Contractor. Every Security Guard employed by us has undergone extensive background checks and is individually licensed by the SIA.

Vigilant Security Services offers this brilliant solution to all your front of house requirements not only in the Greater London in its surrounding counties but with the support of regional offices in Southampton, Sheffield, Nottingham, Cardiff and Birmingham, wherever you are in the UK.

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