Guard and Patrol Dogs Security
Highly trained licensed dog handler and Patrol Dogs Services B.I.P.DT & N.A.S.D.U standards, for your private security needs

dog security_1Vigilant Security Services UK Ltd is one of the most popular firm in UK, specialize in providing professional dog security services to clients from a wide range of public and private sectors

We are an elite and exclusive company providing a first class service to our clients. We pride ourselves on employing the best dog teams, controlling the best trained guard dogs and patrol dogs. Apart from our basic compatibility guard dog training, all of our staff undergoes comprehensive training before they are allowed to work on site with one of our security guard dogs.

At Vigilant Security Dog Handling Services, our handlers are trained and qualified to B.I.P.D.T and N.A.S.D.U standards for guard dogs we are also compliant with BS8517 which came in to force May 2009 to provide the best dog security. The guard dog training is ongoing on a regular basis. This dog security training is beneficial both for the handlers and the guard dogs. There are occasions when the added deterrent and enhanced security of guard dogs can be very effective.

Vigilant Security Services provides Guard and patrol Dogs security services with highly trained dog handler guards in business attire for situations that call for a Dog Security cover. Vigilant Security has extensive experience in executive protection and continues to provide a wide range of protective services to corporate businesses, celebrities and other persons at risk.

Vigilant Security Services provides fully trained dog handlers to maintain secure environments. Our physical security services and security guard dogs are designed to fully integrate with your electronic systems to provide the maximum protection necessary.

Vigilant Security Services provides Dog security services throughout UK. When it comes to protection, vigilant dog security Staff are at the top of their class.

To enquire about Guard or patrol dog security for your premises or event or any aspect of Site Security, please call 0800 983 3456 NOW!

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