Dog Security guarding is one of the principal services offered by Vigilant Security Services.

security-guard-with-dog-on-patrolThere are many Site Security situations where a permanent Security Guard on the premises may not be considered necessary but a Security Service is still required. In these situations Mobile Patrols provide an excellent cost effective compromise.
Clients who opt for Mobile Patrols provided by Vigilant Security Services enjoy the following benefits:

  • Security Guards who are individual holders of an SIA Licence
  • Security Guards who have undergone stringent background checks prior to employment
  • The knowledge that the Security Guards have been trained to the highest industry standards
  • Frequent visits at irregular intervals throughout the required period.
  • A first class Security Service provided by an ISO accredited and SIA Approved Contractor standards
  • A cost effective Security Service at highly competitive rates.

With Vigilant Security’s dog patrol marked vehicles, retail security and residential security are greatly improved. Our security guards can easily maintain a constant surveillance over larger areas, without noise or danger. Retail shopping centres, gated communities, and condominiums throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland,are thanking Vigilant Security for expert security guard dog patrols.
As well as the in the Greater London and the surrounding counties, our network of regional offices in both countries Dublin Southampton, Sheffield, Nottingham, Cardiff and Birmingham enables the Vigilant Security Services high grade Security Service to be offered right across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

To enquire about this inexpensive and highly effective Security Service just give us a call NOW on 0800 6800 245 for UK and on 019 030 089 for Republic of Ireland

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